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We design and develop websites that can generate more leads, more clients and higher revenues for your business

At Visibility Optimized, we understand that no two businesses are alike, and so neither are our websites. Whatever the nature of your business, we will work closely with you to create a website that fits in with your company’s ethos, enhances your profile and reputation and generates a steady stream of enquiries online for you and your business.

Web Design and Development

Our web design and development concept is based on simplicity and impact. We design and build websites and web projects that are simple, beautiful and has attention grabbing features. Our development team will always ensure that the project and its elements conform strictly to all laid down web design and development principles. This ensures you have a project capable of working for your business always

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Bespoke Design

We believe no two businesses are the same, even if you offer similar products and services. We take all the necessary steps to ensure that your website is unique and fits in with your business goals

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It is our policy to always understand your business in order to provide you with a service that will bring you benefits, both in the short and the long term. Thus we work with you from the start, starting with a face-to-face meeting at a location convenient to you. This process also enables us to establish a relationship with you at a personal level without intruding on your privacy.

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Website Maintenance

The Internet is a fast changing world. Google, in particular, keeps moving the goal post with each update. Your competitors are always looking for means to get ahead of you. We can maintain your website on a regular basis, ensuring that both your coding and content are within current guidelines. In this way, you will never be left behind

SEO Ready

We understand how the search engines operate. We therefore make sure that your new website is SEO ready and will be recognized immediately by Google and other search engines

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Mobile Version

A vast number of people are now accessing the web via a mobile device. This includes both your existing and potential clients. We can develop both desktop and mobile versions of your new website. This ensures that your visitors will not have to use the zoom features on their devise before viewing your website. If your current website does not have a mobile version, we can develop one for you as well.

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Content Management System (CMS)

Our CMS (Content Management System) websites are based on software that allows anyone to make changes to the site, not just web designers. Once our web design and web development team has created your bespoke website, you will be presented with a user interface that allows you to make any changes you want, whenever you want and have them go live immediately

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Open Source

We use Open Source platforms for all our web design and web development projects. The implication of this approach is that we are able to design and build very complex websites at a relatively low cost. This gives us the opportunity to provide you with a great looking and functional website to meet whatever budget you have

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Design and Usability

We ensure all our websites are very interactive and easy to navigate. This makes it easy to engage the attention of your visitors, encourage them to return, and also help build a lasting relationship with them


No worries if you do not have any hosting facilities. We provide you with very reliable hosting, not only in the first year but, for as long as you want. This ensures your site is online 24 hours, 365 days all year round

Social Media Integration

If your business deals a lot with the general public in particular, or if your business has a social media presence, we take the necessary steps to connect your website to all your social media sites. This gives you the opportunity to interact with your social media fans, engage their attention and turn them into prospective customers

support tools Training and Support

We provide you with all the training you will require after your website is up and running. This makes it possible to update your site’s contents without our intervention.

After our initial training, we are always on hand whenever you require our services, providing you with all the support you will need to make your website an asset to you and your business

Visibility Optimized, has the tools and the strategies to help you to

  • attract more customers to your website,
  • add more value to your business through your web development projects, and to
  • turn your web project into a an effective marketing tool

Move your business to higher levels with a new website from Visibility Optimized.

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity.” -Charles Mingus