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Visibility Optimized, has the facilities and the know-how to design and build e-Commerce websites or Online shops to meet the specification and requirements of any SME. These websites are built to be secure and user friendly and can be managed from an administration area that is secure and user friendly as well. This makes it possible for any SMEs to sell their goods and products in a secure environment. This means you can reach more customers, sell more products and increase your annual revenue through an e-Commerce website or Online shop with a very small outlay

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Content Management System (CMS)

Our ecommerce websites are all CMS-based. This means you can edit, update and change your prices and products without our intervention or assistance

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Unlimited Products

The size of your business is not a problem for us. We can cater for unlimited number of products and unlimited number of categories.

Secure Hosting

All our e-commerce website or online shop packages come with secure hosting if needed. We have reliable and secure hosting facilities to host your website and ensure that it is always online for you to reach your customers

credit cards
Payment Integration

All our packages are Paypal-ready. This means you can take all major bank and credit cards in a very secure environment. We can also integrate any payment method of your choice into your website.

mobile phone
Mobile Version

Many people are accessing websites through a mobile devise. A mobile version of your shop will make it easier for you to communicate with your customers who would like to reach you via a mobile device. We can provide you with that

training tools

We provide you and your staff with all the necessary training to enable you to update your products without our assistance

ecommerce platforms
Open Source

We use the open source platform in all our design and development. This means we can provide you with an attractive and functional website that matches your budget


If you intend to reach a community whose language is not English, there is a high possibility our facilities can cater for your Multi-language needs

Social Media Integration

We take all the necessary steps to connect your new website to all your social media sites. This gives you the opportunity to communicate with your fans via your website, engage their attention and turn them into paying customers

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Digital and Physical Goods

The type of goods you sell is not a problem to us. We can cater for both physical and digital goods. This means you can sell whatever you want

SEO Ready

All our websites are designed for both humans and search engines. We ensure your new website conforms to standard web design principles; making it possible for the search engine spiders to crawl your site as soon as it goes live


We provide you with all the necessary support, both in the short and the long term if required. This ensures your online shop works for you in the anticipated way

With an e-commerce website or online shop, your products are available to your prospective customers to view and purchase at anytime, making it possible to sell to anybody, anywhere and at anytime, without thinking about store locations and branches.

  • We do not charge you on per product basis to design and build an online shop for your business.
  • Our prices are transparent
  • Our system is such that you do not have to pay us any annual fees to enable you to run your online shop unless you require our services in an agreed capacity

Don’t miss out on the eCommerce boom. The latest e-Retail sales index show UK online sales went up by 16% in 2011 with online shoppers spending an estimated £5.96bn. Be part of the eCommerce success.

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“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity.” -Charles Mingus