E-commerce Website or Online Shop

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E-commerce Website or Online Shop

shopping trolleyVisibility Optimized, a web design and Internet marketing company based in Croydon, Surrey and London has the facility to create an e-Commerce or Online shop for any small to medium-sized enterprise or SME. Such websites are custom built to your specification and are capable of meeting all the requirements of most SMEs.

The Online shop or e-Commerce website created by Visibility Optimized, an SEO and Internet marketing company based in Croydon, Surrey and London is built to be secure and user friendly and can be managed from an administration area that is secure and user friendly as well. This makes it possible for any SME to sell their goods and products in a secure environment

Reach more customers, sell more products and increase your turnover through an e-Commerce website or Online shop

Grow your business with eCommerce or online shop

Visibility Optimized, a web development and Internet marketing agency based in Croydon, Surrey, London, can design and develop e-commerce websites, or online shop that will

  • enable you to reach a wider customer base, making it possible to sell to anyone anywhere requiring what you are offering;
  • increase your company’s visibility through search engine optimisation or SEO and search engine marketing;
  • makes it easier for customers to get any valuable information about your business and your products from any location;
  • gives you the ability to build a loyal customer base;
  • makes it easier and possible to collect any relevant information that you want from your customers;
  • make it possible for you to use your website as an effective marketing tool, enabling you to advertise and market your products at a relatively low cost;
  • put you in a better position to make available to your customers a whole range of products, and from many different manufacturers, without worrying about storage and display space

With an e-commerce website or online shop, your products are available to your prospective customers to view and purchase at anytime, making it possible to sell to anybody, anywhere and at anytime, without thinking about store locations and branches.

Visibility Optimized, a web design and Internet marketing company based in Croydon, Surrey, London can create an online shop or eCommerce website fully customised to meet the specification and requirements that any small to medium-sized enterprise or SME may have.

  • Visibility Optimized does not charge you on per product basis to design and build an online shop for your business.
  • Our prices are transparent
  • we train you to add unlimited products at no extra charge.
  • Our system is such that you do not have to pay us any annual fees to enable you to run your online shop unless you require our services in an agreed capacity

Don’t miss out on the eCommerce boom. The latest e-Retail sales index show UK online sales went up by 16% in 2011 with online shoppers spending an estimated £5.96bn. Be part of the eCommerce success.

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