Why Website Tracking and Statistics Is A Must for Websites

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Why Website Tracking and Statistics Is A Must for Websites

Website Tracking and Website Statistics

Many internet marketers and bloggers will admit to the importance of a tracking tool on any website. Unfortunately, many don’t track their website statistics . This could be due more to ignorance and lack of skill rather than a reluctance to do so. Every online business can however benefit from website tracking and website statistics.  It is therefore very important for every organisation to put measures in place to make this possible.website statics and website tracking


Website Tracking Tools

Whilst we do not intend to provide an analysis of the tracking tools available and what they do, we will list below a few notable ones. You can utilize in many cases, for free

Google Analytics

Google Analytics from Google is possibly the most popular and it is a tool easily available for most site owners. Apart from working with all “standard” websites it has specific tools that are specific to ecommerce websites to help track sales.

website statics and website tracking


Most web companies provide these and comes standard with most hosting packages. It comes with a wide range of tools to provide you with most of the basic statistics and information you may require


They have various packages for both individual and professional users who have the desire to track their marketing, monitor sales and also measure their return on investment


This is another good alternative. They is a free version geared more towards bloggers. The paid version has a lot more features and is targeted towards larger sites


This is also available to those hosting their own servers. Though, not as comprehensive as some of those listed above, it has features to provide you with adequate information.

As can be seen, apart from Google, many ISPs and web hosting companies can also provide access to web statistics when requested to enable you to do any tracking and analysis.

Why Website Tracking and Website Statistics Is Important

Data from website tracking and website statistics will enable you to understand and monitor various website activities. Such activities may include

  • Visitors – this will help you to determine
    • the sort of visitors coming to your website,
    • which of them are unique,
    • where the visitors are coming from, and
    • what they are looking for
  • Keywords – the type of keywords and search terms your visitors are using to find your website
  • Conversions – how many of your visitors you are able to convert to paid clients
  • Referrers – which websites and search engines are referring your visitors
  • Website Pages –
    • which pages your visitors use to enter your site,
    • which ones they exit from
    • the pages that visitors browse most, and
    • which part of your website appears to be doing well.

Other information like the bounce rate and the session duration can all help determine how well a website is performing; and whether a redesign or rewrite of certain parts are necessary. Having no access to a web analytic tool is like driving with your eyes closed. Use it, and, it can help you find answers and solve problems.

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