Sources of High Quality Links

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Sources of High Quality Links

High Quality Links – the secret to a successful SEO

Link building has long been established as the cornerstone to the success of any successful SEO strategy. The underlying reason to this concept is the fact that links are considered as an endorsement of the quality of a website. Whilst a website can obtain various links from many sources, it is the high quality links that the search engines place a lot of emphasis. Thus the higher the quality of links to a website, the higher the search engines will place that website in its result pages and the more successful your SEO strategy will be. 


This article will try to identify a few of the many sources that you can obtain high quality links without spending a fortune in your link building strategy.

Attracting high quality links through your content

Any webmaster, website owner or publisher will require a very good reason to link to a particular website and the content of a website is one sure way of achieving this. Providing very good content on your website is an invitation to other websitesto link to you. So important is the content of a website in link building strategies that some designers and webmasters will plan and implement their content strategy around their link building strategy  

 A site with high quality content that easily stands out with regards to the topic in question, will achieve a very high ranking and open the doors for other webmasters to want to link to that site. Content here includes among others, articles, high quality and relevant images, online games and videos

Obtaining high quality links through Content Marketing

This can be achieved through a number of ways

High quality links through Directories:

Directories have always been a very effective way of obtaining high quality links. There are thousands of directories that will allow you to post details of your website together with a link to your website; and most of them are free. A search in Google will bring up a lot of directories for such purpose. It could be very time consuming to go this route, especially if doing it manually. Unfortunately, manual directory submissions are always recommended in most cases, but doing this can give you the opportunity to acquire high quality links to your website. It is worth noting here that paying for links, unless it is for a review of your website, could earn you a slap from the search engines, pulling your site down the search engine results pages

Acquiring high quality links with Content syndication:

 Through content syndication, an article can be posted to many other sites. One very effective and also popular way of doing this is through RSS feeds. There are many article directory websites that will allow you to post contents with a link or 2 to your site. The strategy here is to provide a number of links to your website in the article. The quality of the article and the rating of the site by Google and other search engines will go a long way to determine the quality of the link to your site

Another effective way of content marketing is to use social media. Using sites such as Technorati, Digg, Delicious, Reddit will all make it possible for you to create content and link back to your site

High quality Links through Blogs

Creating blogs in places like and blogger and visiting other social media sites and commenting on articles, events etc. will also give you the opportunity to link back to your website. Most blogs tend to be very social and contributory in nature giving, you the opportunity to link back and forth. Going this route will require you to be a very good and effective contributor, but can give you the opportunity to acquire high quality links when your comments with links to your site appear on high ranking sites

The list above is by no means complete. There are many other routes and avenues that you can use to obtain high quality links to your website. This is just somewhere to start; but it is worth remembering that obtaining high quality backlinks that can push your website up the search engine results pages should not leave a big hole in your pocket. In many cases they require time and effort, but will be worth it in the long run

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