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Search Engine Optimisation or SEO cost at levels to meet the budget of all SMEs

How much does Search engine optimisation or SEO cost? I tend to answer this question with another question: How long is a piece of string. Pressed for an answer, I might answer this by saying it depends upon how high you would like to jump or how fast you would like to run

Search engine optimisation or SEO is the process of promoting your website continuously in the search engines. Such a process involves lots of work and would usually take many months. The more aggressive we promote your website, and the more hours we put in, the quicker you see results.

Generally, Search engine optimisation or SEO results will not start showing significantly until from the third month of promotion in many cases. Though if you are in a less competitive environment, or you want to rank for a less competitive keyword, results could start showing within a few weeks of promotion. On the other hand, more competitive keywords will take a lot longer than 3 months for results to show.

Components of the SEO services offered by Visibility Optimized
Whatever your budget, the Search engine optimisation or SEO package will include all or some of the following:

  • Research and analysis of your nearest competitors
  • Keyword research to enable us to know how your visitors are trying to find you
  • Optimising your web content to make them effective for SEO
  • Re-organising parts of your website where necessary
  • Link building strategies
  • Local directory submissions

in addition to others

Starter SEO package or SEO cost from £100 a month
We understand the hardships and difficulties faced by many small businesses. Thus for small businesses, we will still be able to start your Search engine optimisation or SEO process going at an SEO Price or SEO cost of just £100 a month.

This will be a gradual process but significant results are still achievable usually within six months depending on your chosen keywords and the business sector you are in.

Small Business SEO package or Small Business SEO cost from £200 a month
SEO price or SEO cost at £200 a month is the minimum investment we generally recommend. We provide you with a detailed report at the end of each month
Business SEO package or Business SEO price from £500 a month
This is the package we recommend for established businesses who intend to target a number of keywords or key phrases. The return on investment for such an SEO cost could be very huge, resulting in

  • an increase in website traffic, and
  • an increase in sales.

The Business SEO package will include both keyword research and all the components listed under SEO services

Local Google Domination from £500 a month
Local Google Domination enables your company or business to gain competitive advantage over its competitors. Thus more emphasis is put on local traffic generation and submitting to local directories in addition to all the components listed under SEO services

High Google ranking resulting from powerful linking strategies to help

  • drive more traffic to your website,
  • generate more leads for your business,
  • raise your level of sales, and therefore
  • increase your annual turnover.

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“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity.” -Charles Mingus