Planning Your Website for SEO

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Planning Your Website for SEO

Increase your SEO visibility with an Effective SEO strategy

graph Planning your website for search engine optimisation or SEO visibility is very vital if your business or your company is to be found in the search engine pages. Your ultimate goal is to ensure that in the long run you can appear on the first page of the search engine pages if not as one of the top five companies. Success in search engine optimisation or SEO results from many factors including how much thought went into the planning of your website. In this article, we look at some of the factors that you have to take into consideration when planning your website to enable you to fulfil your SEO goals.


If your company name is Alpha Accountancy Practice, the possibility of appearing very high in the top half of the search engine pages, possibly number one, when that named is searched for is very high. This is true even with hardly any SEO effort. However as an accountancy firm, you would also like to rank highly for that search term like accountancy firms Croydon or accountancy firms London. This is the only way you will be exposed to those searchers who have not heard of your company before. In terms of branding therefore your search engine optimisation or SEO strategy should aim at being found or ranking highly for those search terms that relate to your business or service.

Attracting the right type of traffic

There used to be a time when everybody believed that once you have a website you would be easily found, and visitors will flood to the website. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. Apart from the many reasons that could be cited to explain this, it is also worth noting that for every service you are offering, there could be thousands, if not millions of companies offering the same service. Thus everybody has to work hard to attract quality traffic to their website. For an effective SEO strategy therefore, it is very important to identify what keywords or key phrases your would-be visitors would be using to find you in the search engine pages. Identifying the right keywords will also determine whether you are attracting visitors that you could end up turning or converting eventually to become paying clients or not.

High Return on Investment

The ultimate goal of any website, in our opinion, is to be able to attract the right visitors that you can eventually turn into paying clients, increasing your sales and therefore your turnover. This should also be one of the most important goals of any search engine optimisation or SEO strategy. Many measure the results of any SEO strategy by this. Whatever you are offering, whether it is selling or advertising, a well designed SEO strategy can provide a very good return on investment when compared to other forms of marketing like radio, television or print. If you are planning on building a new website or if you currently have a website, the importance of search engine optimisation or SEO visibility in any marketing strategy cannot be overlooked under any circumstance

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