Homepage Design of Websites and Online Success

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Homepage Design of Websites and Online Success

The homepage design of your website and your online success

Every business with the aim to grow very quickly has to incorporate an online marketing strategy to enable it to attract more visitors to its website. Attracting visitors to your website is one thing. Converting the visitors into paying customers is another. There are many businesses or websites that are currently ranking highly in the search engine result pages, but, are yet to see any significant growth in the portion of sales or revenue obtained through the internet or their website. The reason for this in many cases can be explained by how their homepage design have been undertaken.homepage design

Every website has a few seconds to grab the attention of its visitors. Failing to do that will mean your visitors will instantly move away, given that your competitors are just a click away. Your website visitors should be able to identify instantly what you are about. Failure to do that could get them frustrated. For many websites therefore, the design of the homepage could determine its online success or failure.

 The Homepage of Your Website is your door front

Your website and most importantly, your homepage is your door front to the internet. Is the  homepage design of your website opening the doors to your visitors, or is it acting as a barrier to you success? What are some of the things that you should take into consideration when designing your homepagefront door

 The homepage is nearly always the most important page. It should summarise what your company does. As with every page, the homepage should feature several calls to action; telling visitors exactly what you want them to do when they land on your site.

 The homepage should help visitors identify what you do

You want to make it as easy as possible for visitors to identify what you do and decide whether it’s something they want. Making it difficult for visitors to identify what they are looking for will easily drive them away. It is therefore very important to keep your homepage uncluttered. Unless you are in the creative industry, for example a photographer, you should avoid loading the homepage with photographs, illustrations, links etc.

Using some images on your homepage is always a good idea, since they’re an effective form of communication. Just be sure the images clarify what it is that you do. And if you’re going to have pictures of people using and/or enjoying your product or service, try to use real customers and clients rather than models. They’re far more persuasive.

Another important factor is to keep the homepage very simple, clear, engaging, and brief.

It is better to begin the title tag with the company name rather than “The” or “Welcome to”. Give your visitors the opportunity to understand why they are at the site and also what they will be doing while there.

Your Homepage should reflect what you expect your visitors to do

 Use your homepage to get your visitor to do at least one of the following:

This makes it possible for you to develop a relationship with your visitors and eventually turn them into customers. How you would like your visitors to behave should play a big role in determining how you design the homepage.

It is okay to write densely-written pages on your website, but they shouldn’t be the first pages that a visitor sees. Keep such heavy content deep within the website so that visitors only see it after you’ve already engaged them and piqued their interest in your business.

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“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity.” -Charles Mingus