Good website content and profitable web design

Find more clients, market to more clients & keep more clients

Good website content and profitable web design

Good website content can help make your website profitable

writingIn web design and SEO, content is king. Content that is not relevant to your offering is of no value to both you and your site visitors. Thus no matter how beautiful, how fanciful and high tech your website is, you will find it very difficult to attract prospective customers if the content on your website is poorly organised and has very little or no bearing on your products or services. In this two part article, we look at the benefits of having good website content, and best way to organise the content on your website to attract more visitors, keep them longer on your website and make it possible for you to turn them into paying and profitable customers.

Benefits of good website content

Content in web design does not just refer to the text on your website. Content in web design also refers to the images as well as all the graphical elements involved in the design of the website. Some of the benefits of good website content that can also be used as an effective marketing tool can be listed as follows:

Good website content is required to engage the attention of your visitors, rouse their interest, and spur them into taking action. With good content, your website visitors will be encouraged to move beyond your homepage, to discover your offerings and eventually make a purchase.

Good website content can help improve your search engine rankings

Apart from your visitors, good content can be used as a magnet to attract the search engines and help push your site rankings up. Good quality content will attract links to your website. And more links mean a higher Google ranking. And a higher Google ranking means more visitors see your content

Good website content can help in link building

If visitors to your site find the contents valuable, they are more than likely to pass on their experience to others, bookmark your website and even link to the site. Such actions can further improve your brand, draw more visitors to your site and eventually create more sales for you

Good content can help lower your bounce rate

The bounce rate can roughly be explained as the percentage of visitors that enter your website, usually through your home page and then leave without visiting other pages on the site. A high bounce rate could imply your home page is badly designed or presented in such a way that visitors are not inclined to move beyond that page. This in effect means your possibility of converting any of these visitors into paying clients is virtually none.

Investing in good website content, will ensure that your time, effort, and money, spent in building your website and in Search Engine Optimisation or SEO do not go to waste. With good content, you can greatly lower your website bounce rate and encourage visitors to move beyond the home page and explore your offering a lot better

Many websites ignore the power of website content whilst placing a lot of emphasis on aesthetics and complex applications. The three should invariably go together. Ignoring the fact that content is king could also mean your website could be the money generating machine you anticipated.

In the second instalment of this article, we will look at some of the factors that you can incorporate into your website to help you attract more visitors and convert them into paying customers.

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity.” -Charles Mingus