Developing A Good Link Building Strategy

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Developing A Good Link Building Strategy

Diversification – The key to successful SEO link building Strategy

The recent changes in the way Google assesses the position of a website in the search engine result pages implies in many cases a redirection of SEO effort on quality rather than on quantity. With Google still being the dominant search engine, it is worth putting in some effort to understand the guidelines put across by Google in order not to find your website falling foul of the wrath of Google. This article is an attempt to  develop a good link building strategy that any Small- Medium-sized Enterprise can adopt as part of an overall SEO strategy

an effective link building strategy

Any link building strategy should emphasize quality Over quantity

Is it worth submitting your website to thousands of directories and search engines at a go? Probably not. This is because most of these directories would in many instances have no relevance to the website in question. Obtaining so many backlinks to your website from directories that have no relevance to your product offering may in many cases do you no good and could in fact cause your website to lose position in the search engine result pages. It would be better to acquire a few high quality links and from high ranking directories and sites that are of relevance to your offering than to obtain many links from low quality directories and from non-relevant sites.

Link Relevance

If your link building strategy is based on what is easiest, then it is possible most of the links pointing to your site are getting no vote from Google and the other major search engines. To improve the relevance of the links to your site, identify and acquire links from authoritative sources and also from niche sources that have a bearing or relevance to your offering or site. If you are in the car industry for example, identifying the industries and sectors whose activities will have a bearing on the car industry and acquiring links from these will give your links a lot of weight and therefore more vote from Google and the other search engines

Manual Submissions rather than Automated Submissions

As stated above, any link building strategy you undertake should be done manually rather than, for example, resorting to the use of software to submit to many directories. Automatic link building techniques tend to degrade the quality of the exercise, with many of the links acquired from sources that in many cases, may be very low quality. Such process is seen as spammy by Google and the major search engines. A manual link building technique will enable you to identify where best to place the links and will also give you the opportunity to decide whether a particular directory will be of any relevance to your offering

Include the use of Anchor text in your link building strategy

Using the same keywords and getting  other sites and partners to link to you with those keywords may not give you much advantage. Google seem to be looking at this unfavourably. The way round this is to vary the keywords and anchor links to make it possible for you for sites to link to you in a “natural” way. Such a link building strategy could make Google aware that you are you trying to force your way up the ranking tables through the use of specific tables.  Introducing such editorial keywords as “read more,” “click here,” “learn more,” could also be a smart move to help you with diversifying your links as such phrases make the links look more natural.

Internal Links

Your website’s homepage is the most important in most cases, and it is natural that most of your links may point to that page. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to go well with the Googlebot. The reason is most of the” juicy bit” or the main contents on the website are located in the inner pages. It is therefore very important to direct some of your links to the inner pages on your website. Building a very effective internal link structure making it possible for the your keywords to be linked to the relevant internal pages will not only make it easy for Google to crawl your site, but will also make it possible for your visitors to navigate your site, especially when you have a very large and complex website

Any link building strategy aimed at developing an internal linking structure or acquiring backlinks to your website should have diversification as one of its major goals.

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